About us

About Us

Trusted by experts in healthcare.

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About Limitless Giving

Providing Continuity of Care

We pledge to deliver unrivalled continuity of care, ensuring your journey is supported by a steadfast team tailored exclusively to your needs. With one primary caregiver supported by a select few, you can rest assured that your support network remains steadfast and unwavering. Beyond merely filling shifts, we embrace the ethos of giving wholeheartedly. Our inception stemmed from a deep-seated desire to provide exemplary support to individuals and families with disabilities or mental health challenges. Drawing from our firsthand experiences, we’ve witnessed the profound impact of compassionate care. Thus, we remain steadfast in our dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we have the privilege to serve. Welcome to a sanctuary of boundless compassion.

— Welcome to Limitless Giving

We understand the importance of social inclusion and have created a space where we foster a culture of inclusion, diversity, and individuality. People will have a place where they can feel safe, comfortable, supported, and valued as an individual while having the opportunity to socialise, participate in activities, develop skills, receive support to achieve goals and build capacity in ways that are meaningful for each person.

Our Goals

Making sure that you wake up with a smile.

We offer you the best and reliable support


We strive to make a meaningful impact at Limitless Giving. We do this by fostering independence and well-being with compassion and dedication. Empowering our clients and embracing care to uplift participants, their families, and primary caregivers, enriching the lives of those in need of our support. With a commitment to personalised service, we provide flexibility, convenience, and quality care tailored to your preferences.


Envisioning a Brighter Future: Through dedicated and unwavering compassion, we at Limitless Giving aspire to the possibilities of a limitless life for all, making a lasting and transformative impact on the lives we touch.

Your Best Care Taker

Why Choose Us?

We want to be the change that we want to see in the industry.

It is with this in mind that we started Limitless Giving, because we felt we could offer more in terms of consistency and quality of care. We want to make clients feel safe, cared for, and for them to know that they are supported long term by our business and our staff.

We do this by growing a strong business to business network, as well as growing my platform of attraction to educate our clients and the sector largely on HOW we do what we do, not so much the WHAT. We are very passionate about maintaining our long-term success and really want to do it with great ethics and values.

Compassionate Care

Discover the Difference of Compassionate Support

Tailored Solutions

Personalised Services Designed Just for You

Community Integration

Join a Community that Embraces Diversity and Inclusion

Expertise and Experience

Trust in Our Knowledge and Commitment to Excellence

What we value the most?

Our Values


Acting with integrity by always remaining highly professional, following through on promises, remaining highly confidential, always remaining respectful and doing our job without expectation.


We demonstrate genuine interest, care and concern for others. This is how we ‘give limitlessly’. We believe that empathy is a cornerstone of being part of our community where treating one another with compassion, respect, tenderness and courtesy unites us, regardless of our differences.


We see humility as a sign of strength. Intentionally looking for collaborative ways to lift others to higher levels of confidence and experience with gentleness and support. We place a high value on the ability of our staff to contribute to our business and our clients through openness and honesty.


We are always aware of our own experiences and background and remain vigilant to always do our job with clarity and true balance. There is no room for judgement in our world as we truly believe everybody has the right to choose and control, to live the life that they want. There is always a person’s story that matters…not just the disability.